Monday, June 14, 2010

Greentini or maybe Greenteane

Ok a few days ago I posted a recipe for a green tea and rum cocktail... it is a really good beverage for a summer afternoon, imagine laying on an Adirondack chair and slowly drinking this.  After I posted this a good blogger friend of mine TKW mentioned how she appreciated me taking something full of antioxidants and adding rum to it. 
Then my brain started going...What if?  

I have infused Vodka with different flavors before but I have never done this.  Here is, the base... Green tea and mint infused Vodka:
12 oz Vodka
1 1/2 green tea bags broken open
1 big sprig of mint (about 10 leaves)
put these into a bottle together and shake up and let it sit in your cupboard for 24 hours or so.
When it is all green and tasty you have your Vodka ready, pour that through a paper towel in a strainer and what you have left is essence of green tea vodka

Now my drinking friend here is where it gets cool!  Take about a half cup of your infused vodka and pour it into a cocktail shaker with a good amount of ice a Tablespoon of simple syrup and shake.  Put this elixir into a martini class and garnish with a sprig of mint.  Now if you follow this blog you probability know that I have been known to imbibe a bit of drink sometimes but I have to say that this one knocked me on by butt... wow!  Bright, minty and an icy smack of sunshine in a cocktail glass.


  1. Mmm, the green tea infused vodka sounds good, especially with your addition of mint. I've got an upcoming post on rhubarb schnapps, very similarly infusing vodka, but with sugar. It's fun to create different infusions and tinctures, isn't it?

  2. OMG!!!! This sounds fantastic......I want it to be summer right NOW and I want to be sitting in a big back yard sipping one of these!

  3. Green tea and vodka sound amazing, great for combatting the heat and so much fun!