Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hey all I have a special guest blogger today. Miss Lu wanted to take over this post for me… I have to say that I am happy to have the help.  This is her account of dinner last Saturday we made lasagna, I can't really call it a recipe, you know a couple of jars of sauce, a handful of lasagna noodles and some ground beef from the back of our overstuffed freezer.  Put it in a pan and go, so easy... well an 8 year old can do it!  So please read below to see my youngest daughter’s take on our Saturday dinner and maybe a little more.

First, I want to say I have the best time cooking with my amazing daddy. I’m thankful for my daddy because if I didn’t have him there would be a hole in my heart. So don’t you think we should talk about food for my daddy ? So I made lasagna over the weekend. It was FUN! How to make lasagna: first, get a pan then line with parchment. We sprayed that with pan spray and added the sauce.

Next, after that we put the hard noodles in the bottom of the pan then we added more sauce and after that we sprinkled the meat on then Mozzarella cheese then after the Mozzarella cheese we added more sauce the after that we put the hard noodles on and then we put sauce then ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese a little more sauce and more hard noodles again. Then we put the lasagna in the oven for about an hour if my dad remembers to turn the oven on dinner will be a little later if he doesn’t.

We made three layers in all. My daddy is the apple of my eye . So doing things like (this blog entry) for my daddy is an awesome way to learn how to spell.

Me Miss. Lu is 8 years old. In Mr. Sun’s class . To My friends: Jasmine, Alexandra, Kyla ,Mya ,Bella ,Anna ,EIsha


One of the reasons that we did this was to get out of reading homework, I figured that writing should count too (maybe even more).  I did learn that MS Lu can be a just a little full of B.S.


  1. Oh my goodness! What a great post. I was so happy to read this delightful guest blogger...she is a culinary star in the making! I hope that I can one day have as much fun with my kids in the kitchen! Thank you for sharing your recipe with me, Ms. Lu. I hope you have a splendid Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Ms. Lu is very talented and seems to be enjoying herself in the kitchen. Wonderful post!

  3. Somebody seems to be growing up in your footsteps! Lasagna is a pretty great accomplishment for an eight year old, even if it's done to get out of homework! :P

    Good job Ms. Lu! (And Bryan too!)