Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have found that I will often mention that I will write a post "in a couple of days" if there is a component to a plate that I made that isn't in the original post. I have also found that I don't always follow through. Sometimes my attention deficit disorder gets in the way other times I just forget or the dish just doesn't seem as cool a couple of days later. The Breadsticks I made the other day with the Stromboli seemed a little like the latter... there really isn't that much exciting about them except that they were great and so easy.

I can't really call this a recipe, but more like a procedure to use the leftover dough. After I had the dough for the Stromboli all laid out I had about a tennis ball sized hunk left, Here is the link to that recipe, (or I suppose you could just scroll down two) or you can use store bought dough if you like . I rolled it out on my floured counter top then brushed it with Garlic Butter and topped with Parmesan Cheese, and some Italian Seasoning really this couldn't be easier, then I cut it into one inch wide strips.
This is the only part that might be the slightest challenge, I took an end of the strips in each hand and twisted them in opposite directions until they rolled into straw like thingies. I put these on a sheet and brushed with garlic butter again. Really can you over do garlic butter? Then popped it into the oven they took about 15 minutes to bake.

These were slightly crunchy and really full of flavor, I convinced Mr. Man and Miss Lu that they weren't all that good but only so I could get more of them for myself.


  1. Well I think they look delicious! and you just know they tasted yummy. I hear you on the blog front through. Sometimes I think I should drop everything and blog as it comes out of my head.....but then I'd never eat with the family and no doubt have a divorce on my hands lol!

  2. I think I could take a bath in garlic butter! Never too much!

  3. Some of our best recipes come from leftovers- leftover meats, leftover dough. Your cheese sticks are perfect little gems, Bryan ....especially for Super Bowl parties. And no, we can never have enough garlic butter!