Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This month, February, I have done pretty well so far with this blog, I know that is pretty easy to say on the 2nd, by that I mean I have some recipe/menu ideas laid out for the next 26 days. Nothing carved in stone or really even scribbled in ink but some ideas to work with. I made one of the dishes last night... really good... but after we finished Kris and I were both saying. "I want something else." Neither of us could quite say what, there just seemed to be something missing. Then I went completely off my list... so much for planning and organization.

This last weekend when I was shopping I saw strawberries for $1.98 a pound and they looked beautiful. I know, anyone would think "cheap strawberries, January 30, Chicago, nothing good can come of that. I ignored that little voice, I do that sometimes. Anyway a little while after our "I need something else to finish this meal" conversation I thought I would give the strawberries a try. They were exactly what I should have expected, not bad but not sweet WOW close to sour. Miss Lu and I decided to (what else) dip them in chocolate. I had some chocolate left from when I made lace cookies then added a Hershey's Bar and the last of our chocolate chips to that and melted it all down in a makeshift double boiler (Pyrex bowl on a saucepan).
I showed Miss Lu how to dip them then made a run for the camera, the phrase "It's almost ready... where is the camera" has become pretty familiar in our house. I took a couple of pictures, then reviewed them and when I looked back up she had finished coating them all. Then I got the look, "don't worry about it daddy the seven year old girl can take dessert while you say bad words at the camera." Not exactly what she said, but close enough.

So how was it? This is the formula: 1 pound of cheap/sour strawberries + every miscellanies scrap of chocolate in the house = the best dessert so far this winter!


  1. ha,ha that is a good story Bryan- your a brave man buying strawbs in January it has to be said!

    It sounds like your family is over the photos as much as mine, remember when we didn't feel the urge to photograph everything we ate?

  2. My husband always makes fun of me for taking pictures of our food!

    And yes, strawberries in January/February can be dicey!