Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bluberry Vodka

I have been looking at my posts for the summer and the two things that seem to be getting a heck of a work out are my martini glasses and pork tenderloin.  I am sitting here on my day off thinking of what to blog about and all I seem to have ready is a martini and a smoked pork tenderloin recipe.  I have plans to start some other things today but I am so busy...  My plans today include:

Take the kiddos to daycare
Go to Menards
Watch The Next Food Network Star and a 43 year old episode of Star Trek
Eat lunch with my beautiful wife
Get some stuff together for another blog post
Go to the grocery store
Lay in the pool reading with a drink in my hand
Pick up kiddos and make dinner

As you can see my day is full, my thinking is blog about the Martini today then when I am working this weekend take a few minutes of slacker time and post about the Pork Tenderloin, I know the meat comes up a lot, but this the best one that I have done in a while so come back in a couple of days!

This particular drink starts a few weeks ago I made a Green Tea, Mint and Rum drink and a Blogger Friend of mine (I hope that I can call you that) TKW said something along the lines of "I love the way that you take something like green tea, loaded with antioxidants then add hooch to it."  I was joking about her comment at work one day and a Dietitian friend of mine mentioned that Blueberries were filled with antioxidants too.  So I think that it would be perfectly reasonable to say the the following recipe is both Chef and Dietitian approved (maybe without their consent).
Actually after my mind was made up about how healthy this drink would be, this drink was a few weeks in the making.  I started infusing my vodka with blueberries right before my trip to the Surgeon.  Oddly for about three weeks after abdominal surgery I didn't feel like drinking much.  When I found myself, for the most part, recovered I pulled this bottle out of the cupboard and mixed it up.  Here is how it goes.

Mix about a half cup of fresh blueberries and 16 oz of Vodka in a bottle then let them steep for a month until it is a beautiful pinkish purple color, hopefully without a trip to the hospital, but if that is what it takes to keep you out of the hooch then you may have to.

This is the simplest part pour it into a cocktail shaker with some ice and a splash of triple sec then shake.  Garnish with a lemon peel and there you have it.  This is a very sturdy drink, mostly vodka, remember that as you savor the fruity taste, one may be enough, two if you aren't driving... Three will lets just not go there.
Here it is made with Blue Curacao


  1. Let me see if I have this right, Bryan. A healthy vodka martini?? Looks good to me!

  2. Blueberry hooch! Full of antioxidants, right?

  3. Blueberries and vodka...brilliant. One of these drinks could easily be justified by the antioxidants in the berries!

  4. I'm with Barbara and the healthy martini. The "Witch" is right too. I think it's just what the doctor should order.


  5. Ohhh that looks I sit here sipping my regular green olive martini, stirred not shaken.