Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grilled Asian Hot Wings

It has been hot here in the Chicagoland area, really all week I haven't wanted to cook anything inside.  Grilling out has been the only option for hot food lately.  As a food blogger I find myself afraid of getting into a rut, "I can't do pork Tenderloin again I just did that in June!"  It happens often, like someone is out there with a list of my recipes to ready call me on any repeats.  I just found myself saying almost that the other day... I have done chicken wings before (I am sure you will see it on my Link Within widget) and wasn't sure if I should do this again.  In the end I decided to run with it if I never repeat meats I will by talking about how to cook platypus or Kimodo dragon inside of a few short weeks so grilled chicken wings a year ago shouldn't be too bad right?!?

I enjoy the flavor/texture of chicken wings cooked on the grill so much more than their baked or fried counterparts.  I wanted a little bit of a different sauce on these guys this time so started poking around the cupboard to see what I had.  My cupboards can be a little bit of an adventure sometimes, lots of little bottles and jars all of them seem to be singing "pick me, pick me"  this one ended up being pretty simple the sauce was:

1/2 cup Sriracha maybe little more I didn't measure
2-3 TBS Honey
1 TBS Soy Sauce
1 TBS Sesame Oil
1 Clove of Garlic minced
Just a little splash of rice wine vinegar

I put a little Olive Oil on 12 chicken wings (I am only cooking for me in this case) then put them cooler spot on the grill after about 5-7 minutes I turned them to cook on the other side for about the same amount of time, then put them all in my pan of hot sauce and back on the grill.  Every few minutes I pulled them off the grill and into the sauce until the sauce was mostly expended.  Whenever I make a spicy sauce like this I add a little sugar or honey so as it cooks you get the yummy, thick caramelized goodness in each bite.  I leave the pan on the grill as the wings cook then the sauce cooks down and thickens nicely the last little bit can be brushed on.  These are served with Bleu Cheese Dressing and Celery, I am thinking I could have been a little more creative with my accompaniments but just didn't have it in me that day... any ideas?


  1. These sound delicious! My hubby and stepson would flip over them! As for sides, why mess with a classic? :)

  2. I have never done wings before but really like the idea of grilled instead of frying. And that sauce sounds good for many other applications as well. As for the blue cheese dip - what's not to love!

  3. So I became a vegetarian a few years ago, but seeing your post and hearing about this sauce is making me crave a plate full of wings. I'm glad I found your blog Bryan, and I look forward to more great posts!

  4. Super marinade, Bryan. I love that honey and soy combo. These look sticky and dark and lovely. Wish I was having dinner at your house!

  5. Yum! If traffic were with me, I could be at your place by the time the charcoal is ready!! I think this combo would be good on chicken thighs as well??

    Love the cooler weather!


  6. I saw this picture briefly the other day and knew I had to get back and see what you were up to!
    Yumo, I totally love chicken wings and I make mine very similar to these. As for cooking up the old platypus...I thought we were friends?! ;)