Sunday, October 3, 2010

International Foodie Trade Agreement

So I came home from work on Friday and found the package that I have been waiting for.  My good friend Camilla (Family of Foodies) and I completed our first international foodie nerd exchange.  Several weeks ago I mentioned in a post some cedar paper that I used to grill salmon.  Well one thing lead to another and an "Aussie Pack" including Vegemite and some other favorites from South of the equator were being shipped in exchange for this grilling favorite of mine.  I opened my mailbox to see the package and danced through the house singing "we have Vegemite... we have Vegemite!"

You need to understand that when I say "singing" that is only in the loosest interpretation of the word, I have four children, all of them cried whenever I sang to them as babies.  I am enthusiastic, it is just ear shattering then Miss Lu stopped me in the middle of my song to ask what Vegemite is...  I had to admit everything I know about Vegemite I learned from a Men at Work song in 1983. 

Knowing how unfamiliar a homebody American would be with Vegemite Camilla was kind enough to send instructions on how to enjoy the concentrated yeast extract.  "Best on white white bread, slathered with butter and just a small amount (like 1/2 teaspoon) of Vegemite."  Now food has been a big part of my life for quite a while so the opportunity to try something completely new is rare these days so you know that I had to try it right on a spoon at first, Yowsa! almost an overload of concentrated savory flavor.  Salty with an active yeast undertone to it, maybe a little much right out of a tube but when the instructions were followed it was a great addition to my breakfast! 

In addition to this gift my friend Camilla had sent me a cornucopia of treats that I was completely unfamiliar with each of them a new experience (by the way the Caramel filled Koala Bears were wonderful).  Oh, as I was doing my research on Vegemite and found this, way better than the song I was singing.


  1. Ok Bryan...straight from the spoon? Did you want to scar yourself for life?
    So, what did you think of it when eaten in the regular way???
    So glad your enjoying all of our favourite treats!

  2. The way you told me to try it was great! Thanks for the new experience Camilla! I am going to have to keep up with you to have a Vegemite dealer.

    In my defense that baby in the commercial I linked was eating it out of the jar... I figured that if an Australian baby could take it then so could I.

  3. Vegemite...should I say yum or yuck? I've never had it.

  4. So this is a great idea. What a wonderful way to try new things! And I'm all about friend living in Japan is always sending me treats. Thanks for sharing. I want to do a swap now too!

  5. What a cool idea! A food-nerd care package? That's sounds like such fun.

    What do the kids think of Vegemite?

  6. Not a snack I have seen on the shelves yet.

  7. HI Bryan,
    Is all OK with you? Your not usually off this long.....that is usually me!
    Just thought I'd double check you weren't in a chocolate coma