Friday, October 29, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Our Church hosts a Halloween party every year followed by an hour of "Trunk or Treat" where people decorate their cars or vans and hand out candy to the young ones in the church parking lot after the Halloween party is over.  We have enjoyed  the ritual for the past few years.  You know, go the the carnival then shake down our friends for some candy.  This year was a little different, Miss Lu came home one day and said that we were going to participate in Trunk or Treat.

Kris and I both gave her the parent look... "of course sweetie, we always do."  Her plan didn't end there, she wanted us to be one of the Trunks...

"We can decorate the van then daddy can make some of his cool pumpkins, then we will hand out candy."  So we went to the Dollar Store to get black tablecloths and a potpourri of frightening little tidbits. While I was at work on Sunday Miss Lu and Kris decorated the van when I got home we set up an assembly line and started carving. 

Miss Lu wanted a witch, 

 Mr. Man (after changing his mind several times) at Train

Mine will just a little fun.  I tried to carve a fourth but we got one of those warty pumpkins, and the skin on those is really thick... I started using power tools to carve it (cordless drill and jig saw) then decided that I wanted to attend Trunk or Treat with all my digits in tact so we left this one at home for the squirrels to devour. 


  1. I love the cannibalistic pumpkin! Awesome!

  2. I'm with TKW the cannibal rocks!
    Great job Bryan and family- HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  3. Your pumpkins look great! I hope the kids had a fun Trunk-or-treat. Why do you do it out of your trunks? I've never heard of trunk-or-treating before.