Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pork Tenderloin Marsala

So it started like this...

After we got past the holidays, you know the insane time at work, my middle daughter visited for a week (snow painting adventures of my previous post)  things just started to settle just a bit.  Then my boss calls this meeting and announces that, "all of you are going to work harder over the next couple of months than you have ever worked in your lives."

My first thought was something along the lines of. "well color me inspired."  We had just come off of feeding around 2200 guests Prime Rib, Crispy Tilapia, Butternut Squash and buckets full of Lemon Basil Orzo.  That was on top of all of the parties and what not that the holiday season brings us.  Well it has been a couple of weeks since that meeting and things are settling down a bit.

Ok enough about my job, I have some new toys...

My beautiful wife Kris bought me a new camera for Christmas, the old one was just a little beat up, note the lens pointed in an odd direction and yes that is duct tape holding it together.

Oh, here is Kris' work with the new camera... Mr. Man and I were going to watch just one episode of Batman and what do you know... and who falls asleep in a chef's coat? I am such a dork!

I finally bought an ice cream maker, it is the cutest little thing, I have only used it once but have a good list of recipes to start with... Say didn't they made lobster ice cream on Iron Chef a couple of weeks ago?  I guess I am saying that I have some stuff in the works so be sure to stick around I'll get to it soon!  I had to use the catalog photo because I left my table so messy this weekend.

Anyway this post isn't about my new stuff it it really about an old favorite...

Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Marsala.

1 pork tenderloin (about a pound)
4 TBS butter (I use unsalted) divided
1 medium onion diced
about half a pound of Portabella  mushrooms, cleaned
1/2 cup Marsala wine
1 cup chicken broth
fresh parsley to garnish

Melt half your butter in a heavy skillet, I pulled out my favorite, the iron skillet, when hot but just short of smoking, brown the pork on all sides, set that aside while you do the rest.

Add the onions and mushrooms to the same skillet and saute together until the liquid that the mushrooms give is evaporated (maybe 10 minutes).  Then add the Marsala and cook until it is almost evaporated (about another 10 minutes.  Add the chicken broth then put the Pork Tenderloin in the same pan and cook until it is to your liking, medium rareish to me, (another 10 minutes at a low simmer) then pull the pork out and put it on your serving platter to rest.  Turn up the heat on the sauce add the rest of your butter and reduce to about 3/4 cup.

Slice the pork tenderloin into medallions and serve.  We picked pasta, but I really love this with potatoes too.  For as simple as it is to make this is wicked good... good enough to get Miss Lu up for seconds.


  1. I'm so sorry that work has been crazy. It sounds like you are putting in way too many hours! I loved seeing that precious photo of you and your sweet little guy. How adorable! And of course, I'm always happy when you share another delicious recipe. Thank you for always making my stomach grumble!

  2. I love new toys, it looks like you deserve the new camera!
    Your ice cream maker is sooo cute, I haven't seen that brand before, I'm looking forward to your lobster ice cream. Oh and one more thing, I'm lovin' the olive/sage green jacket....very nice.

    Get some pork on your fork :)

  3. I happen to have Marsala in the house--leftover from a recent chicken marsala. Oh, and there are pork tenderloins in the freezer begging to be let out. That is the cutest ice cream maker I've seen. What kind is it? Oh, and what kind of camera did you get?


  4. My camera is held together with scotch tape. :) But it takes such good photos, I can't give it up.

    The pork dish looks wonderful, Bryan. We don't eat pork nearly enough around here.

  5. Monet, thanks! Kris thought that was such a cute picture. Buy the way neither of us woke up.

    Camilla, I like that color too... btw Stanley sould be on his way later today :~)

    Bonnie it is the Hamilton Beach "Half Pint" it makes icecream about 2 cups at a time I got the extra mixing bowl so I could make 2 flavors at a time... Then the kids won't be grossed out when I make something bizzare and I won't be stuck with chocolate chocolate chocolate.

    Barbara Thanks, Pork Tenderloin is so versatile really an easy weeknight dinner.

  6. What fun new toys! I love having an ice cream maker and know you will enjoy yours too. The pork medallions with marsala sound terrific.

  7. Pork anything with marsala is always welcome to my table!

    Your ice cream maker is too adorable! We're having a lot of fun with the ice cream maker we got over the holidays. We're going to have to swap notes on ice cream making, Bryan!