Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chicago Blizzard Part II

No food at all in this one (unless food coloring counts) but I said I would tell you all how it went...  After my entry yesterday Miss Lu and I went out to make our igloo.  We had started the day before by digging the hose up out of the snow and bringing it in to thaw (yes, I left the hose out too, right next to the lawn chairs if you must know). While that was sitting in the laundry sink we added to the already large pile of snow then hosed it down to make an ice shell.

Yesterday we hollowed it out, we worked for a little more than an hour then took naps.

Then we hollowed it out some more...

When we thought we had the inside as big as we could we looked at each other and said "this is cool! what do we do now." 

So we added some color, to give you an idea of size I am at the back of the igloo, Miss Lu is between me and the only doorway.

and here is what the neighbors see.  I think that I have said before that we are a bit infamous for our snow antics.


  1. Bryan and Miss Lu, that is the coolest igloo I have seen. I can't get over the size of it! My boys think it is also very cool and would love to go inside.

  2. Camilla, we have it until the Chicago weather turns come visit! Bring the boys.

  3. Miss Lu is just adorable, and I LOVED seeing how you two spent this snow day. I would have been in heaven if I could have made such a fantastic snow creation when I was a little girl. The colors make it even more magical. Thank you for sharing, sweet man. May your Sunday be one of peace and love.

  4. Fun, Bryan! We made a lot of things when we lived in Michigan, but an igloo was not among them. And back then, we had horrific winters. I swear, it's all cyclical.

  5. You could be my neighbor! Snow can get boring after awhile. A little "psychedlia" would be a good thing!


  6. With the new layer of snow we may have to go out again today and "repaint"

  7. That's a great quinzy! Happy to hear that you're surviving through the snow!