Friday, February 4, 2011

Chicago Blizzard

this pic is for you tkw
A little bit of a story to start with... When the blizzard hit I was at work in the city, Most of us ended up staying there for several reasons so I worked from 5:00am Tuesday morning until 7:00pm Wednesday evening, about 38 hours...

Here is what I learned
  1. A double shot of espresso with half and half on ice gives you an nice jolt and goes down easily.
  2. Eight of them makes you a little jumpy.
  3. My cellphone shaped flask does not hold enough bourbon.
  4. Though there are probably less comfortable ways to sleep than propped between two office chairs I am hard pressed to name any.
  5. The guy in the office next to mine snores
  6. A Toyota Rav4 in the middle of a blizzard is more comfortable than the office chair set-up.
  7. I can still pull an all-nighter and survive.

Kris was trapped at home with the kiddie pops while I was trapped in the city.  My beautiful wife had to shovel the drive which took her most of the day... I had to feed a bunch of crabby people that had sleeping situations similar to mine.

After all that I have today off, Miss Lu and I are going to try making an igloo... I'll let you know how it went.


    1. Dude! That snow/chair picture made me smile so hard! That. is. awesome.

      And I'm giving you a bigger flask for your birthday.

    2. O.K., TKW has taken care of the "bigger flask" advice that I was going to give you. So, I say get yourself a twin-sized Aero bed and tote it with you (it's small). It will also come in handy when you tell a friend or relative that you're coming for a few days and they say they don't have a bed for you. Tell them you're bringing your own. Now I'm off to give advice to all those people marooned on Lakeshore Drive (those who didn't hear hour after hour of warnings for them to STAY OFF THE DRIVE!!


    3. Far out Bryan!
      Your flask cracks me up I have to say. I can't even imagine that much snow. We are on day 6 of a massive heat wave, right now it is over 100 degrees at 5.54pm and as you can tell I haven't been in the mood to eat or blog....lets swap weather for a while?
      Hey, no sigh of stanley yet, did you post him or is he lost in the snow?
      Hope you guys get some relief soon