Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where Have You Been?

I have been off line quite a bit lately, to be honest with you I have met someone, yes someone of the opposite sex and we have just been having a great time together.  Sometimes we lose track of time and talk for hours without even realizing it, sometimes we just sit together and quietly watch TV.  We talk about hopes and dreams and what we want to do, politics and religion, it is just wonderful getting to know her… Hold on I’m getting ahead of myself…

Rewind a couple of months, all of us excitedly watched families looking at the house across the street that was for sale.  We were counting kids, guessing the ages and hoping that whatever family decided to buy the house would contain children that were similar in ages and temperament to ours.  The people that chose the house turned out to be a great family, a woman separated from her husband and their three kids.  The kids have hit it off wonderfully!  Most days within minutes of getting Miss Lu and Mr. Man home from day care there are children at the door looking for playmates.  Some how our house went from being “those people, you know the ones with the messy yard” to the “Kool Aid House.”  The Kool Aid house, has some advantages kids wander through our house on their way to the back yard or skip the house altogether and ride bikes and scooters up and down the suburban streets.  Kris and I often find ourselves sitting on the sofa with *gasp* time to talk.  Turns out my wife is pretty cool and I am thinking that the feeling is mutual…  Ok ahead of myself again…

Rewind once more, about six years this time, Kris and I were both going through divorces.  We met on line at a parenting website actually, in the divorce forum (if you want to read about how a big nerd asks someone out click here).  Our choosing to get together was as much luck and intuition as it was anything that made sense.   In the whirlwind of a year from the time we met until we were married we had been alone together maybe three or four times.  In the five years since then about the same, so in some ways we are still... well almost newlyweds.  We have conversations often but most are interrupted by, life.  So we have spent the last couple of weeks relishing some time together getting to know each other, sometimes going as long as an hour without hearing, “I want a snack” or “Me want to watch an old Transformers” (the boy is still fascinated by what can only be called ‘vintage’ action television shows).

Kris was just offered a new job, I’ll throw my man card away again and say, making quite a bit more than me, she starts in a week.  I know she will have some later evenings than me so I will have some time to catch up here, just stick with me.  For now though I'm going to selfishly spend all the time I can with this woman I am getting to know...  I have mentioned her before,  my wife of five plus years.

As for things to come, I will try to be a little less dramatic but we have had a death in our house, the refrigerator just fizzled out on us so we have had a frenzy of "just cook it and eat it!  we don't have time to wait!"  I will tell you what that can bring soon ;~)


  1. I've been wondering where you had gone off to. I'm happy to hear all is well!

  2. That is great Bryan, I am so glad you are using your time wisely!
    We have friends from Chicago staying at the moment so I am absent too. I'm looking forward to your stories when you are alone at night, waiting for your lovely wife to come home and the kids are fast asleep.
    Enjoy guys

  3. I think it's sweet that you two are "getting to know each other" all over again....

  4. Smile. This is what I wanted to hear. I'm all about spending time with those that you love. Thanks for sharing your sweet self Bryan. You are a lucky man and she is a lucky woman.