Friday, April 22, 2011

Ham and Gravy

Thanks all for sticking with me!  I enjoyed the time that Kris and I got to hang together.  She starts her new job on Monday and me, I go back to the grind I have been at for 5 years.  That is good over all, She is starting on a new adventure (OK maybe calling work an adventure is a  bit much).  At least I have the familiar for now, I can live with that.

This weekend we are going to Kris' best friend's house for Easter, this is where I get to the good part(for me anyway).  What we are bringing, the three requests from her friend, they were...
Baked Ham and Ham Gravy
Green Bean Casserole
Kris' Scalloped Potatoes

This post is about the Ham and Gravy, Green Bean Casserole to follow in a bit, for the Scalloped Potatoes you will have to ask Kris.

Ham and Gravy have been in my basket for quite a few years, I made it for Christmas dinner this year just so I could post it a little before Easter.  It is one of those comforting dishes that even if you have never had it you will curl up like a baby when you do...

"Comforting, How much so?" you ask. Here is a true story, when my ex wife and I were getting to the end of our marriage both of us had found separate places to live, the court papers were about to be filed. She called her best friend and the following conversation took place:

Ex Wife R:
"Mrs. A, it is over... Bryan and I are getting a divorce, it is for real this time, there is no way to fix it."
The infamous Mrs. A:
"I don't believe it, you have ruined Easter!"

Ex Wife R: (not expecting that) "What?"
The infamous Mrs. A: "Who is going to make Ham and Gravy at Easter now? We might as well have bologna sandwiches."

I heard this story, more or less the same from both parties involved, I kind of always thought thought it funny that the conversation didn't go something like "Thank God... I don't know why you didn't leave that jerk years ago!" or "What, are you crazy? He is Mr. Wonderful." The conversation went right to my cooking... at least I do something well.

All that being said here is how it is made:

One ham, this time I used a bone in spiral sliced ham but whatever ham I have used the gravy has always rocked.

2 TBS Grey Poupon Mustard
3/4 cup white wine
1/2 cup Honey
Juice from 2 Oranges
3 cups Chicken Broth

Put the ham, open side down in a roasting pan, mix the next four ingredients together into a slimy mixture and pour/spread over the ham. Pour the chicken broth into the bottom of the pan. Cover tightly with foil and cook, this was a nine pound ham so it was in a 300 degree oven for an hour then a 375 degree oven for another hour. I basted about every half hour. When it is all done take some of the drippings off the bottom of the roasting pan and put into a saucepan (I did about 2 cups) add a little bit of roux and bring to a simmer until thickened.

Taste... then just try to put the spoon back for your guests... it takes willpower but once they taste it you will be the cooking superhero that you always wanted to be.  I understand that you may not be familiar with this dish but once you try it... well just see what happens!

Have a great holiday my friends!

I know that it is kind of dorky... but here is a summer project for the kids that is a lot of fun with this weekend's leftovers, just give it a try!


  1. Oh, I love you, Friend. But, ahem, is you or the gravy I truly love? Oh, oh, oh, of course it is you; yes, yes, that is it....Oh, you know it is you the gravy was just a bonus.

  2. "Mix to a slimy texture"--you should write a cookbook!! = ) I think your ex-wife was remiss in not asking you to provide a holiday ham per year in the divorce settlement!

    Have a wonderful and delicious Easter!


  3. Hey infamous Mrs. A! It is so great to hear from you! Love an miss you too.

  4. Nothing like being missed because of your recipes! :)
    Love your gravy, Bryan. My kids wouldn't allow me to serve ham without my mustard sounds ghastly, but they love it. It's an old post and actually won first place in a cooking competition back in the 60's.

  5. Gosh that ham looks good! I bet the orange juice really shines through. It is a good thing when your ex-wife's best friend still thinks highly of you! =)

  6. Love it Bryan!
    I am late but a great post to read after a while away. I also love the fact that you spoilt that bad?

    I hope Kris enjoys her new job