Sunday, May 1, 2011

Apple Proscuitto Stuffed Pork (My refrigerator broke)

I was going to write some posts about how life has a way of getting in the way of things, when life all of a sudden got in the way of things... (is that irony?  I forget) Kris and I have been looking around the house the past few weeks deciding what we need to repair and/or replace around the house.

  • Fix air conditioning in her car
  • Replace kitchen counters (ours look like they came from a 1970s era trailer home)
  • Replace dish washer (current one sounds like a train coming through our kitchen)
  • Replace net around trampoline (a hole that I can walk through doesn't exactly keep kids safe)
  • Finish the bathroom that I started 2 years ago
  • Fix garage door

The list goes on for quite a bit, and since there are some big ticket items we are trying to prioritize.  So we were in the kitchen one afternoon discussing those priorities when Mr. Man asked for an ice-cream cone, he likes those foil wrapped chocolate ice-cream cones.  Kris pulled one out of the freezer opened it up and it was liquid.  Everything in our freezer was in some state of thawed and the refrigerator was sort of... kind of coolish. 

So what do we do?  Throw out everything that we can from the freezer (sorry tater tots we need the space) use the freezer as a refrigerator and cook a mess of stuff before it turns on us.  Our freezer was about the size of that refrigerator that I kept in my closet in college, but we made it work.  Since that item just moved from a couple of months down the road to the top of the list we started to look for a replacement refrigerator then wait for payday until we could get one.

So I went on a frenzy of cooking, from Prosciutto topped kids pizza to... well over the next few posts you'll see.

First up Apple Prosciutto stuffed Pork Tenderloin:

The Stuffing:
One Apple diced up
3 slices of prosciutto
About a TBS of thyme leaves
3/4 cup of bread crumbs
1/2 diced Onion
Enough apple cider or chicken broth to moisten

Mix all of this in a bowl and set aside while you get your pork tenderloin ready.  Trim the silver skin off the tenderloin then slice open from end to end.  Fill with stuffing and roll closed, this should be a little too full so it needs to be held closed.  I would have trussed but didn't have an inch of cotton string so I pinned it closed with tooth picks, not pretty but it worked.

Heat up about a TBS of oil in an oven safe pan, I used the iron skillet then brown the meat on all sides that takes maybe 5-6 minutes then put it into a 350 degree oven for another 20-25 minutes.  When it is done let it rest on the counter, covered with foil, for about 5 minutes then slice and serve.


  1. Yummo!
    It is amazing what you can come up with when the fridge dies! I look forward to reading more. Maybe you should write to one of those TV house makeovers and see if they will do your kitchen?
    Great to have you back blogging Mr.B

  2. "Necessity"--the "mother of delicious dishes". I just made that up to fit the occasion. Happy refrigerator hunting!


  3. My list of "to-dos" around the house is way too long! I'm impressed - I don't think I'd be able to come up with something like this on the fly!