Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cured Snapper (My regrigerator broke II)

There were a few good meals that came from cleaning the refrigerator week, I will make note of them as they come up but our new refrigerator is now in place!  He really is a handsome thing quite a larger than his predecessor.  I am a bit worried though here is Kris' actual Facebook post the day the new fridge was put in place...
Is it possible..... to be in love.... with a refrigerator???? If so I think I am! lol
I know that it seems like an innocent joke and all but a couple of nights ago I got up to get a drink and Kris was sitting on the floor with a couple of candles drinking a glass of red wine and leaning against the new refrigerator and ...  Well it is just too upsetting...
Anyway right after the old refrigerator went down I pulled out a good sized piece of Red Snapper and decided to salt cure it.  I do that once or twice a year with Salmon and make Gravlax The method here is about the same but the fish and flavorings are different.

The first thing that you have to deal with is the fish it isn't cooked and it won't be.  If you buy fish from someone you trust you can get a sushi grade fish... However most health departments recommends that all fish that will be consumed raw be commercially frozen, that is colder than 10 degrees below zero for at least 72 hours.  That takes care of any of those annoying parasites.

To cure, mix Kosher salt and sugar, about 1/3 cup each then add fresh cracked black pepper, I am sot sure how much maybe a teaspoon and a half.  Turn your fish over and poke a few holes in the skin with a knife, put a little bit of your salt mixture on a sheet plastic wrap then lay the fish skin side down.  Top with most of the rest of the salt mixture then grate the fresh ginger on top.  I didn't measure the ginger but I used all of the ginger in the picture above.  Then wrap tightly in plastic wrap and put in a pan at the bottom of your refrigerator, it takes about 3 days to cure.  I turn it over a couple of times each day but break with tradition and don't weigh it down (many instructions that I have read suggest laying a brick on top).  There is usually a little bit of liquid that forms in the pan just dump that out every day.  After it is done curing unwrap an rinse all of the salt and spices off and it is ready to serve.  I use a sharp knife and slice it thin the top well whatever... 
For the picture at the top of the page I spread garlic infused olive oil on a multi-grain flat bread the grilled it until toasted.  It is topped with cream cheese and the cured snapper.  I love the salty meat and the texture is just wonderful.


  1. Congrats on your new refrigerator! I'd be excited, too!

  2. I loved getting our fridge brand new too!
    and I love the cream cheese cured snapper combo!

  3. I have always wanted to try something like this and you made it sound pretty easy, so I think i will give it a try this weekend. We only got our new fridge about a month ago and my love affair has only expanded. We got the biggest model we could fit and the delivery guys actually had to take the doors off to get it into the kitchen.

  4. Mmm... I've got a thing for cured fish because of you, and here comes more to feed the cravings. Thanks Bryan!