Saturday, August 22, 2009

Breakfast Tacos

This weekend, my Mom came to visit before school starts. My Mom's visits tend to follow the same pattern when she comes. She gets up here Saturday afternoon we play in the pool for a while then have dinner, then play in the pool some more. On Sunday we usually play in the pool again then have brunch at our house. This all means that on Saturday morning I have time to make a big breakfast, one that can be my only meal until dinner because it often is. Kris was kind enough to point out, while I was making my breakfast this morning, that I tend to cook Chorizo often when I do make myself a big Breakfast. I am a fan of Mexican Chorizo it is spicy enough to accent a meal and sticks with you for a while. Today I made Breakfast Tacos, probably an abomination for an authentic Southwest, Mexican Chef, but fun and really good.

The ingredients for 2 tacos were:
1/4 pound Mexican Chorizo
1/2 Small Onion Julienned
3 Eggs
1 TBS minced Cilantro
2 Roma Tomatoes diced
a small hand full of Cheese
2 6" Flour Tortillas

I cooked the Chorizo and Onions together in one pan, while they were cooking I diced the Tomatoes and Chopped the Cilantro for later. When the Chorizo and Onions were about done I scrambled the eggs in another pan. While the eggs were cooking I put the Flour Tortillas, one at a time, on top of the Chorizo to soften. When everything was done I assembled them. I laid out the Tortillas then added the Eggs, Onions, Chorizo, Tomatoes, Cilantro and Cheese then put a spoon full of Salsa on the side.

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