Saturday, August 8, 2009


Summer finally hit us here in Chicago land the way I expected it to several weeks ago, July was a cool month for the most part. August on the other hand hit us fast and hard, it is about 90 degrees outside and so humid it is hard to breathe. Of course weather like that only makes me think if the best cold drink ever, the Margarita!

A really good Margarita is so easy to make and so superior to any mix that I have come across that I can't imagine using one of the bottled ones. I found limes on sale at the local produce store 20 for $1.00. I know it is like the forces of the universe wanted me to make them. I squeezed them all and got a couple of cups of lime juice. With the only work involved in this drink out of the way I was ready to go. I use a 1.5 oz jigger and poor the ingredients into a shaker full of ice.

The measurements are:
3 Parts Tequila (has to be 100% Agave Tequila)
2 Parts Lime Juice
1 Part Triple Sec
I put some Kosher salt onto a small plate for the rim, this time I added a little sliced Jalapeno and it's juice for an added kick (if you don't like the burning lips sensation leave the jalapenos out). Dip the rim of the glass into a little Simple Syrup (holds the salt a little better than just water) then the Salt and stand upright.

Shake the Margarita for a minute until ice cold and strain into the glass, Look at it, is perfect for a hot day. Makes me want to sit outside and pretend the back yard is a beach the kids pool is a little like the ocean right? There are two in the picture the second is a Blue Margarita, exactly the same except I used Blue Curacao instead of Triple Sec.

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