Friday, November 20, 2009

Periodic Table of Condiments

This is just for a little fun, when I started a food related blog I thought that it was a unique idea. I could write about food and life in a place were people who want to read my culinary ramblings can visit and the people that don't care to hear about the silky perfection of pumpkin soup don't have to. Great idea, really how many people would have thought of that? Turns out about a million, many really good ones too. There are a few that I follow pretty well these come to mind as favorites

I also follow the Epicurious blog segment which tends to be a little more comercial, but has some fun guest writers. That is where I found this graphic it made me laugh and I wanted to share.


  1. Oh, it makes me happy you follow Dana's blog! I just love her!

  2. I like her blog too, she is a way better writer than I am. As for cooking, I don't know... Maybe someday we will have a chance to have an Iron Chef style face off, food blogger edition.