Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Deconstructed Tomato Sandwich

I have been reading, with great envy, all of the posts that my blogger friends have graced us with about the simple but almost perfect tomato sandwich.  They have talked about what a wonderful summer treat it can be... to take a tomato fresh from the vine, put it on (white, wheat, french or flat) bread with a little mayo, or vinegar and just enjoy the little summer heaven that it is.

I planted one of those upside down tomato thingies again this year so far I have 2 tomatoes that are ready to go but that is about it as you can see a lot of leaves but just the two little guys.  So what can I do?  Well my neighbors are away at their church family camp this week and their garden looks great so the obvious answer is to jump our fence and grab all of the booty I can get.  

Miss Lu takes my picture while I raid the garden

I got three or four different kinds of tomatoes then ran back home to make my deconstructed tomato sandwich.  Why a deconstructed tomato sandwich you ask... maybe because deconstructed dishes seem to be popular on Iron Chef?

Not really, I am not good at keeping up with trends (it probably isn't one anyway).  I deconstructed it because I had 4 kinds of tomato and couldn't make a coherent plate.  Two were quartered, one sliced and another diced up, so I toasted some flat bread and put the tomatoes on the side of the plate.  This was really simple the tomatoes are on one side of the plate the toasted flat bread on the other with a basil chiffonade over the entire thing I put a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper on the luscious tomatoes then a dab of mayo on the side and had the perfect dinner.

Ok before any of you call the cops on me, my wonderful neighbors Jennie and John asked me to pick any veggies that ripened in their garden while they were away (thanks guys) but I did feel a little guilty, they were really good.


  1. Haha! This post made me laugh out loud. I can only imagine you swiping your neighbor's produce (you are too sweet to actually steal anything, I'm sure!) And I must say that I almost always deconstruct my sandwiches...so this looks perfect to me!

  2. It looks like a lovely lunch. Please tell me you didn't jump the fence with tomatoes in hand. That would be worthy of an Olympic event. Or is that why the tomatoes were strangely shaped :-). I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary