Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Art Project

Not a food related post, but a lot of fun!  I posted around Easter a project that Miss Lu, Mr. Man and I did the previous year and were repeating this summer to make our artwork complete.  Here is the post if you want read it, but I will summarize it for you.  After the Easter eggs were dyed we took the colored liquid and  put them into individual Zip-Lock bags in the freezer until a combination of hot summer day, slight boredom and over stuffed freezer came together.  Luckily that combination hit us last weekend and it was time for the work play.  Mr. Man and I picked up some watercolor paper on Saturday morning. Once Miss Lu and Kris got home we got started I pulled out the frozen colors and the meat tenderizer...
getting started
The hard part is leaving it alone to melt/dry
A little bit later

 Here it is the finished work! two years in the making!


  1. Such beautiful creations! Is there anything better than getting outside and letting the joy of creating begin? It sounds like this was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

  2. They are great! Well done you guys, Max thinks that is very cool so I might have to start freezing now for summer as it feels right around the corner.

  3. Thanks, it was a lot of fun to do!

    Camilla, I know, I am having my yearly end of summer anxiety. "No!!! it can't be over already!"

  4. Original art + cute kids = priceless!


  5. What a fun project idea! I'll have to file that away for when the girl I nanny gets a little bit bigger.