Friday, August 6, 2010


 Yes that is a little teddy bear on the stick.

Ok... Sssh!  a blog that I follow, TKW attempted to make hoochsicles for us a few weeks back, she deemed them a complete disaster and said that they tasted like Pine sol.  Not the most ringing endorsement that she has ever made but it got my mind going.  "If I get the portions of hooch to sugar to water right I can make these with almost anything!"  So I am blatantly copying her idea, since I know that she is away at a blog her convention (finding ways to make her blog even more fancy-pants) maybe, just maybe I can copy and not get caught.

After I stole the idea to make popsicles with booze in them I started to look for popsicle molds, I couldn't find them anywhere for about a month, now granted I wasn't treating it like a quest for the grail or anything but when I went to the store I would look for them a bit, they just weren't around.  Even though I gave up the last tatters of my "man card" a few weeks ago I still wouldn't ask one of the happy Target employees for directions to the popsicle molds, that is just too much.  Finally I found them, hanging on a hook about 5 feet from the coffee (say there is an idea!) at the grocery store.

Anyway, I take my groceries to the check-out and the woman scanning my items asks, "Oh, popsicles, what are you going to make them with?"

"Strawberries, simple syrup and rum."  That answer will kind of get you a strange look by the way.  If you ask me TOTALLY worth it!  Anyone that follows this blog even occasionally knows that I have kids and I am not a complete jerky dad so I bought 2 sets of molds and made them for all of us, well in two separate, color coded batches, from the same base.  I started with the strawberries:

Quarter one pound of strawberries and cook with 1/2 cup of water until soft then put into a blender, add 2 TBS of simple syrup and blend, strain through a sieve to get out all of the seeds.

Put half back into the blender and set half aside.

To the blender add your kid friendly ingredients, we used strawberry yogurt and smashed bananas, blend again and put into the molds.

Now take the rest of your strawberry stuff and put it into the same blender add 1/3 of a cup of dark rum, blend again and pour that into your other molds.

Freeze them both, the next day you and the kiddos have a perfect treat for the afternoon by the pool! 


  1. Lovely! I'm glad that your popsicles turned out because this sounds like something that I would just love. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oohh strawberries and rum...nice one! They look great and I am sure TKW will be proud.
    BTW- what is it with men and asking for help in shops, for directions or help in anyway??

  3. I hope that TKW isn't too upset. This is really a good one.

    About your question, I am not sure... I will cook, clean the kitchen and sew, (and Kris would point out how I look when I run) why do I hold on to the "can't ask directions" corner of the man card? I don't know. but I just have to.

  4. I am so glad your Hoochsicles turned out better than my green P____pops! Gotta give these bad boys a try!