Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Dangers of Letting Your Kids Help in the Kitchen

Making a mad dash
So there are some drawbacks to having your kids help out in the Kitchen.  I was doing the dishes a couple of days ago and Mr. Man came in, distracted me then started this...
Are you trying to hide something from me!?! where are the lasagna noodles?
Ok I think that we have it here; the way boys think... none of the three girls ever came up with this game...
I have staged a couple of pictures in the past the only thing that I can say is these are all actual pictures of what Mr. Man came up with on his own.  A mad dash from the kitchen and a couple of cars and we have the perfect race track.


  1. Very inventive. I think you should contact Mattel!


  2. He's a genius! When I saw that first photo, I thought of what Miss D. would do. Those noodles are swords! I tell you!

  3. Now here I am out buying hot wheel track for my grandson, haha, this is so cute.

  4. I'd say you have a clever son there. They actually LOOK like tracks! :)

  5. Kids are the best! If we never grew up and lost that inventive way of thinking, I think the world would be a better place.

  6. What a great use for lasagna noodles! It's amazing how creative kids can be.

  7. Ok I have to back up the truck! I love this post Bryan, it reminds me of my house....good to see the boys will have someone to play cars with when we come to visit :)
    I especially love the picture of Mr. Man with the pasta behind his back