Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Genius, there is a word that we bandy about a lot... there was Newton, an apple dropped on him and he started to consider gravity. Then that Einstein fellow with the whole relativity thing that he came up with and that E=Mc2 equation, a lot of people have tried to explain that to me... since I am not a genius I don't really get it. Shakespeare, he could really turn a phrase, I watched a high school performance of Hamlet last year and thought how cool it was that 400 years later it is still a gripping almost current story. In the world of art, Chagall made a stained glass window that gave me the shivers every time that I walked past it.

There are genius' out there that we don't always think of or can't put a name too...

Once someone said something along the lines of, "After we let these old potatoes ferment in that water and yeast mixture, why don't we heat it in an enclosed container then take the essence of that distilled beverage and drink it? I think that we should call it ’Vodka!'"

Somewhere else in the world someone said, "Say I have a great idea! why don't we take that fatty meat by the pig's stomach then smoke it in your shed for a couple of days, once that is done I will brine it for a while then in the middle of Winter we can slice it thin, throw it on ma's iron skillet and have it with some eggs."

I always wondered what would have happened if the "potato vodka" genius and the "bacon guy" (tell me that wasn't genius) had got together... what kind of idea would they have come up with. See these are the twisted things that go on in my mind.

Anyway I was at the liquor store a couple of days ago wandering through the Vodka section. When I was in College I only remember about three maybe four kinds of Vodka; Stolichnaya, Smirnoff, Absolute and that rot gut stuff on the bottom shelf that usually made it into my basket. The liquor store that I frequent these days has at least 150 different vodkas to choose from; some infused with lemon, currants, mango, heavy cream, clementine, cotton candy, blueberry, buffalo grass well you get the idea just about anything imaginable. Then I start to wonder what makes a bottle of hooch worth $499.99 not that I will ever shell out five hundred smackers for that bottle in the glass case but someone must. While all these thoughts are going on in my head I see it a few bottles at the end of the aisle, something new, "Bakon" yes folks a BACON flavored VODKA! There was absolutely no way I could pass this up.

I took it home to show my lovely bride my prize, oddly Kris was not as enamored as me with the idea. Add to that my boozy oddity shelf is getting a little crowded. I corked my bottle of bacony hooch and was struck at first with a smoky aroma as I poured it into my glass. The first taste, the thing that I got was the smoky bang then there is a subtle, hard to describe (because it is in a liquid form) meaty finish to it. On the rocks it wasn't my favorite but at room temperature the flavors could bloom and I could taste the full round richness of this drink. Kris described it as inhaling smoke from the fire pit while drinking vodka. The bottle came with two recipes; a chocolate bacon martini (I doubt that I will make that one) and a bacon bloody Mary.

So my friends, here it is Breakfast in a glass:
Double shot of Bacon flavored vodka
5 oz Vegetable juice
dash of Worcestershire sauce
dash of hot sauce
pinch of salt
shake in a cocktail shaker the serve over ice
garnish with celery and cracked pepper

The vegetable juice and the liquid bacon flavor worked well together, instead of obscuring the meaty smokey flavor they  were almost amplified.  Now if I can only think of how to get some fried eggs and I would have the true breakfast of champions.


  1. Is it really tell tale bacon-y tasting? This is so exciting and cool!

    Breakfast in a glass sounds good, but I'm not sure how productive of a day I would have starting bright and early with a cocktail. :P

  2. The Breakfast of Champions!!!

    ps: that Far Side cartoon is my personal favorite of all time!

  3. Your blog always makes me smile - sometimes even laugh out loud, like today. I have been reading it for a while, and have just recently started my own blog. Just amateur stuff, nothing like yours, but I am enjoying it.
    I am a big vodka fan - Grey Goose if I am flush, Absolute if not. Bacon flavored vodka sounds awful, however. But I suppose one should be open to new things......

  4. This post made me laugh...and then it made me wish that you were coming over to my house tomorrow night to make drinks for us all! Thanks for sharing, Bryan. Have a great Friday!

  5. Haha, this is such a delightful post. Now I will not rest until I find that Bakon Vodka. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Wow! Love it. Love the bottle and lable (alas a big attraction for me when I'm purchasing wine or spirits). You worked with/for/around Charlie Trotter? We've not dined with him yet but talk about it from time to time. There are so many great restaurants in Chicago to spend our money at that I'm a little reluctant. We did the pricy Carlos'--delicious but not great service. Same with Les Nomade's. Places we go back to again and again are West Town Tavern, Crofton's on Wells and Cafe des Architects--oh, and Fox and Obel!!


  7. I smiled as I read your post. Yes, bacon and vodka a really good combination. At first I thought you have to mix it, it would not taste quite right, alone-then you did it! A Bloody Mary, perfect!!!


  8. Thanks all, it still makes me giggle when I pour it into a glass... it really is bacony.

    TKW I always liked the Far Side I get so tickled when you use one of the cartoons

    Bettie Thanks for stopping by I like your blog too! I really enjoy this, learning where I am going

    Bonnie, I have never been able to afford to go to Trotters, but I have had raspberry glazed squab and giant scallops sitting on Roger Ebert's garage floor and once got a $200 bottle of wine as a tip :~)

  9. Once I finished reading this Bryan, I am convinced I'd actually like the bloody mary. As for adding an egg? You might have to have a fritarta while necking down shots of the bacon vodka....now that could work, right?

  10. Camilla, bacon vodka fritata shots work for me!