Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sesame Salmon with Creamy Grits

OK I will quit crying about Subway University... on the good side I have a new toy.  I have been watching the ads and waiting for one that I want to go on sale.  The grill that I have had for the last couple of years was a good one and it served me well, but I had to face that it was dying.  The last time I cooked chicken breast it took about 45 minutes and I pounded it flat before I started.  One of the features I NEEDED on my new grill was a burner off to the side.  Why?  Well no one in my house can stand the smell of cooking fish so I have always tried to do the polite thing and cook it outside but sometimes I want salmon or tuna cooked in a pan instead of on the grill.  This was the maiden voyage for that for me I made pan seared Sesame Salmon and Creamy Grits... for Kris and the kiddos Lemon Herb Chicken with Cheesy Potatoes...
Ahh the flame-ups,  I have missed you
Start by marinating the salmon, I used:
2 TBS sesame Oil
1 Clove of minced garlic
The Juice from one lemon
Salt and Pepper

I left that on the counter for about half an hour then made the Grits:
1 Cup of boiling water
4 TBS Grits
1/3 Cup half & half

Add the grits to the boiling water then stir until it starts to thicken (I use quick grits so it is about 5 minutes) then add the half & half, stir a little, cover and set aside.

I started the next step by toasting the sesame seeds, that really brings out the flavors so well, so put them in a dry skillet and toast over high heat until they start to brown.  Next roll the salmon in your toasted seeds and set it skin side up in a hot skillet.  I like mine about medium so after about 4 minutes turn and cook on the other side for about the same amount of time.  When it is all cooked plate it up and garnish with a few toasted seeds.  I enjoy the sesame, garlic flavor that this has, they work so well with the salmon, as for everyone else the chicken was fine.

Note, I actually started this post a few days ago before the whirlwind that preceded heading off to CT.  Since then I have changed my mind.... I will continue to cry about Subway school...


  1. I have fish-phobes at my house, too...just the smell of it sends them running! Such tender little noses...

  2. I'm all about salmon and grits--especially the grits since I am a child of the south.