Monday, June 13, 2011

Stalking Guy Fieri

So I have been here in Milford CT for more than a week now and eaten... well I just don't want to count how many Subway sandwiches.  I asked my facebook friends if they knew of any restaurants in the area one of them stepped up and told me that Guy Fieri had visited several Connecticut diners in his Triple D adventures.  So I decided to rev up the search engines and see what I could find.  I found exactly the kind of place I was looking for!  The Valencia Luncheria in Norwalk CT a mere 20 minute drive from my hotel, not including time spent lost (maybe I should have paid for the GPS in my rental car).
Look at this place how could it not be great!
It is a tiny Venezuelan diner, with a seating capacity of 24, in the middle of a small East coast town and it ROCKED!  When we arrived the waitress gave us a 41 minute wait time and asked us to step outside (there just isn't room to stand inside the restaurant).  The wait turned out to be about 20 minutes and well worth it.  The menu included a great selection of Arepas, Empanadas and absolutely to die for Ceviche.  I had a Pulled Pork and a Chorizo Empanada along with the Black Beans, and of course I had to get the Ceviche.  I couldn't even come close to eating it all there, but then dinner was set. I don't think that I wordsmith well enough to say how great of a place this is or describe my meal the way I should (here is a link to Guy's Show, I'll just say "I agree with him")  As I was finishing my lunch the waitress asked how everything was my answer was "Oh my God this place is fricken awesome."


  1. It all looks fantastic! I want some. Thank god you got to have some food other than subway- how much longer to go?

  2. Jealous! I live for arepas!

  3. That empanada looks divine. All that yummy crust! Glad it was worth the wait!