Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Basics Roasted Peppers

Roasted peppers come up kind of often in my cooking most recently in the Pumpkin Soup that I made in my last post. Fresh Bell Peppers have a bright crisp taste and texture that is almost spring like, they kind of pop when you eat them and have a crunch that makes me happy. Roasting makes them a different creature altogether that bright spring like pop of flavor and crunch is replaced by a softer more complex taste and feel with smokey undertones to them that is so nice in the fall.

The pepper that I am roasting here is a red bell pepper because that is what I needed for the Pumpkin Soup I also roast Poblanos for Chili Rellanos and other chili peppers for a number of applications. To roast peppers simply turn the flame on a gas stove to high and put the pepper right on top of it, turn it often to get all sides (please no comments about my dirty stove). When the peel is all black and starting to bubble and burn (see the picture below) put the pepper(s) into a zip lock bag for about 10 to 15 minutes to steam, then run under cold water and the skin comes right off with just a quick brush of your fingers.

I will give this warning, about half way through the process Kris came into the kitchen and asked if something was burning. Of course I had to answer yes, I don't always think about the side effects of different cooking techniques, this does make for a little smoke and smells kind of strong, you may want to throw these on the grill when you are cooking outside or at least turn on the oven vent so your house dosn't smell of smoke for the rest of the day..

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