Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I am not sure exactly why, but as fall comes around I get the urge to make Gravlax, Cured Salmon. If you haven't had it, Gravlax is a salt cured salmon, the flavor is bold, but simple. The word is actually Scandinavian word "Grav" literally "Grave" in this case really "hole in the ground" and "Lax" which is "Salmon." So translated it is "Salmon in a hole in the ground" originally Gravlax would be prepared by digging a hole on the beach and putting a salted fillet of Salmon in and burying it for a few days.

That being said to make this beautiful dish at home I won't ask you to look for a shovel or sand. To start with you want to get a salmon fillet that has been commercially frozen, at least -10 f for at least 7 days, this kills any potential parasites without cooking. The ingredients that I used are:

1 skin on Salmon fillet about 10 oz
2 TBLS Kosher Salt
2 TBLS Sugar
2 tsp fresh cracked Black Pepper
A whole mess of fresh Dill

Mix the Salt, Sugar and Pepper together in a small bowl and set aside. Take the Salmon fillet and poke a few holes in the skin then sprinkle it lightly with the salt sugar mixture then set it skin side down on a piece of plastic wrap. Put the rest of the salt sugar mixture on the salmon flesh then top with the fresh dill. I can't say exactly say how much dill to put on top (I have never measured) when the amount that you have piled on the fish seems absurd you are probably about there.

Wrap the Salmon tightly then wrap the wrapped Salmon again. After it is wrapped tightly twice set it in a pan so you catch the liquid that leaks out (yes it will, I don't care how well you wrap it). There is some discussion here as to how to cure it. I put the Salmon in the refrigerator for at least 48 hours (I can't wait much longer than that) I turn the package over when I get up in the morning and before bed at night. Some traditional cooks say to put a brick on top of the fish, I have tried that but don't get much of a difference in the end product. When it is done slice it thin on the bias and serve it up. Here it is pictured above on a whole wheat bagel chip with cream cheese.

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