Monday, April 19, 2010

Steamed Mahi Mahi

I am still trying to make nice with my scale after the Scotch Eggs episode from a few days ago.  Being the kind of person I am I have just been avoiding it.  You know like the friend that you said something stupid to a few days ago and just can't face them.  That is how I have been with the scale, I avoid the bathroom when the lights are on and will never make eye contact with it.  Just like that friend, the scale and I have a pretty good record of getting along fine so I plan on making up to it soon but haven't found the courage yet.  In an effort to do that I have been making more things like this.  

Mahi Mahi fillets (one per person)
Lemon slices 3-4 per
Fresh Ginger (actually frozen I'll tell you about that in a minute)
Salt and Pepper
Big leaf of Swiss Chard one per

Quick break here, on weekend mornings I am usually the first one up partly because I get up at 4:15 on most weekday mornings and partly because I have a terrible caffeine addiction.  Between 7:00 and 8:00 the headache starts, then the shakes I am pretty sure the hallucinations will come about 8:45.  That is really a round about way to say that I am usually up first and don't want to wake anybody else so I hang around in the kitchen  watching whatever goofy show is on Food Network and enjoying my precious cup of Joe.  One of those shows... Rachel Ray, her tip one morning was to keep peeled ginger in the freezer then when you need it pull it out and grate it with a micro plane.  Works like a charm!
Anyway back to it cut the giant woody stem out of the Swiss Chard and parboil, maybe for 2-3 minutes or so, then lay them out on the counter set a few slices of lemon on them then the Mahi Fillet.  Top that with grated ginger and garlic salt and pepper.  Wrap it up good and tight and put on a steamer tray and cover.  It took about 12-15 minutes to cook but the Chard held in all of those flavors so the Ginger and Garlic were able to just sing!  I use both ingredients often but this kept the flavor so pure and vibrant.  Plus the fresh greens make a nice addition to the dish.

These are pictured with a tomato cucumber and mint salad that surprisingly (to me anyway) played well with the fish.


  1. Such a great idea to cook fish in chard. Does it make the fish taste different?

    I'm glad you're planning to add lavender to your garden. Let me know how it grows. I would love to start an herb garden too and would benefit from your experience.

  2. YUM! We had mahi-mahi this weekend!

    I'm not sure if I could tolerate Rachael Ray and her perky banter at 4 in the morning. :)

  3. Super idea, Bryan. I've wrapped lots of things in cabbage leaves, so don't know why I have never thought of chard! The leaves are perfect and the color is wonderful.

  4. TKW Funny, Kris says that too me many Sunday Mornings. "I am sure she is a nice person, talented and all but that voice, I can't take it."

    It does flavor the meat some, but less than Cabbage does.

  5. This looks great Bryan- I'm with TKW on RR I have to admit!
    Also don't believe in scales so do yourself a favor and throw them away..