Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Experiment

In a blog that I follow (Our Forking Blog) the author was talking about making her own vanilla extract... How great is that!?!  I love taking something from the very base and making it into something cool.  So as I read her post I realized that all I needed to make vanilla extract is vodka, vanilla beans and most of a year.

Vodka was easy I always have a couple of bottles in the house (can't run out of that) vanilla beans were another story... but in the end Whole foods came through for me again.  I took the two fresh Vanilla beans that I picked up and cut then both in half lengthwise and stuffed them into this cute little bottle with about 7 ounces of Vodka.  there you go...  I put it up on the shelf back behind the Kahlua (that bottle has to be 4 years old) to sit.

So how is it?  I don't know, really you will have to check back with me in the fall when baking season starts again.  Fork One I am trusting you...


  1. Our Forking Blog? That name cracks me up! I can't wait to see how your experiment turns out.

  2. That is so cool- bring on the baking!