Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday? no.. Anniversery? no.. Blogaversery? no... thats just weird

Ok, this is an odd post, I wasn't sure that I would get here.  One year ago today Kris and I were taking the kiddos to the zoo and I, kind of nervously said, "I think I am going to write a food blog, that is a pretty unique idea huh?"
"I think that is a great idea."
"I could talk about food and our family, talk out some of those things that bore normal people, you know just talk about the things that... well just have some fun, I like to write"  
Kris stopped me, "You can stop overexplaining yourself again, its a good idea, do it."

Kris has been wonderful to me through this adventure, not only putting up with my experiments gone awry and my occasional food snobbery she also puts up with finding the camera under a pile of dirty dishes and towels with 247 pictures of food and 15 of our adorable children and all the other annoying things that a food blog leaves in it's wake.

So later on in the day of this conversation this ham handed hack started writing, at first I wasn't too sure to whom or really about what and I am not really sure if anyone read my posts early on.   After awhile I started to think that maybe someone else would read this if they ever found it so I shared with my facebook friends.  The Infamous Mrs. A. (my first follower and long time friend) apparently liked it and gave me a link to TKW's blog.  I was a little shy about it at first but after reading for awhile I thought I would join in.  Then I found Camilla's blog and started following that...Since then I have met some incredible people, (OK women, do any other guys do this?) Some of my favorites are off to the right here, >>===>
you should take a moment to visit them all, really a great bunch of blogs each in their own way. 

This quiet little corner of the web has been a great outlet for me a place to talk about food, fun and family in my own nerdy way that seems to be well received.  So what I am saying is "thanks for spending some of your precious time hanging out with me, thank you for your encouraging comments and for those of you that just visit thanks for stopping by, but please feel free to comment."


  1. One year, that is awesome Bryan! I am glad you became a blogger and your right- where are all the guys??

    Keep up the writing ;)

  2. Congrats, Mister! So glad the wonderful Mrs. A sent you my way!

    I'm with Camilla...where are the dudes?

  3. Happy blogaversary!! Is that a word? I wish your blog many many more happy years. I enjoy reading you and your recipes.