Thursday, July 2, 2009


I was off work the other day and Kris and I wanted to go somewhere for lunch, neither of us wanted any of the places that we go with the kids on a regular basis and didn't want to spend a lot of money or time for that matter. Kris suggested a restaurant that was near a place that she used to work called Pastabilities in Buffalo Grove IL. I know that it doesn't make much since to acclaim or attack a restaurant that most everybody reading this will never go to, I mean unless you live or work there I can't think of a reason to go to Buffalo Grove IL and this isn't the kind of restaurant that people would travel to.

That being said this is really one of my favorite kinds of restaurants, you know that place that has a limited menu because they don't want to do things that they don't do well. Kris ordered a kids portion of Spaghetti with Alfredo Sauce, I had a little bite, it was a smooth creamy well rounded sauce. I had a meatball sandwich and the pasta salad both were very good. As I was eating my salad I was, as I usually do, picking it apart (both with a fork and with my mind). the train of thought usually goes something like this... Ok, tri colored pasta... I taste a little garlic... the vinaigrette, is that just Italian dressing, I don't think so, I can taste the olive oil through it... roasted red peppers, I think those are from a can... the carrots though are cut here not ordered in pre cut... wow, what is that? the oregano is fresh!

Most of that goofy conversation goes on in my head, but I did say a little out loud, a few minutes later Kris said to me, "you really don't just eat do you? it seems more like you are analyzing a dish the first time you try it." She is right, that is where this blog comes into play. I love food, cooking, eating, preparing, reading and writing about it. I have also come to realize that a lot of the time I am talking about food; from flavor combinations to cooking techniques the people I am talking to get that glazed over look that I used to see when I talked about Life Insurance Policies. I thought this would be a great place to have that outlet, If you care to read a little or a lot, or just pick at the drink recipes you have a fun place to do that. If you are one of those foodie nerds you have a place to read talk and interact with others like you. Maybe this should have been my first post but it kind of took me a few weeks to figure out.

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