Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sorta S'mores

Kris and I had guests over last weekend, a nice family that we met through the kids school. Dinner wasn't anything exciting really, we only had a limited time and to be honest limited funds. We chose the basic mid-July cookout fare, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pasta Salad and several bottles of wine. We had promised the kids S'mores along with a fire pit after the sun went down. After quite a bit of discussion on subjects like "Yes, hair does burn easily" and "No, scars will not look as cool on you as they do on cartoon pirates" we had the fire pit going and the kiddos far enough back for me to run in and get the ingredients.
The Marshmallows and Chocolate were easy enough to get, then I went for the Graham Crackers and couldn't find them anywhere. Even though Kris teases me that I gave up my "Man Card" years ago I still am afflicted with "man eyes" and sometimes can't find the simplest of items. I expected, when I asked my wife's help, she would walk in the back door and immediately see them sitting exactly where they always are, where ever that is. No such luck we had none and we had four kids ages 3-9 that had so far been, for the most part, docile but could turn on us any moment.

The answer Cookie S'mores! I have mentioned my son's addiction to the special cookie before, I grabbed those and we were ready to go. Two cookies, Two Marshmallows and a piece of slightly melted Chocolate was enough to appease the small masses for the night.


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  2. Bryan, this looks good.

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  3. Thanks Your blog looks interesting too. I will make sure to visit often