Saturday, December 5, 2009

History Lesson

I know some of you may find this hard to believe, but I am kind of a nerd I know it is hard to believe but true. I enjoy all kinds of food related nerdy things. I can talk about the history of different foods or dishes and bore normal people to death. Once when I was bored at work I tried to write down the 100 ways to prepare eggs (the 100 pleats on a togue represent the 100 ways to prepare eggs) I got to 87 not bad, yeah my boss got her money's worth out of me that day. I am not kidding here on the book case next to my bed there are no fewer than 25 Culinary books, from cook books and text books food related short stories and even poetry. Apart from occasionally boring my co-workers I keep most of my nerdy foodie trivia to myself.

Today (December 5th) however is a very important day in the history of not only food (ok beverage) but an important day in the history of America and keeping the freedoms that all of us have earned. The very Freedoms that make up the foundation of our fine country were restored! On December 5th, 1933 our representatives cast their votes to ratify the 24th amendment to the Constitution. The sole purpose of the 24th amendment was to overturn the 18th amendment commonly known a prohibition.

Prohibition started in January of 1920 when the transport or sale of intoxicating beverages became illegal in the U.S. a law that arguably brought the organized crime organizations together and corrupted law enforcement in many cities. Thus the Capone era of the mafia was born. Bootlegging, Moonshine and "bathtub gin" became common place along with the transport and sale of beverages without tariffs and taxes.

Since it was illegal to buy, sell and transport people started making their own. Some California vineyards sold what they called a "wine brick" a non alcoholic beverage base that carried this dire warning on the back "Do not dissolve the contents of this package in one gallon of warm water then place in a cupboard for 20 days because it would turn to wine"
Canadian Club on the Rocks
So take a moment today and raise your glass of Canadian Club (Capone's drink of choice) and be thankful that we live in America after 1933.

Side note this was a fun post to research, the picture at the top of the page is all real (Red Wine, Brandy, Vodka Martini, Bourbon Manhattan, Margarita) and once you pour it well you can't put it back so...


  1. I love a man who celebrates booze!

  2. I have been trying to get holiday status for December 5th, but my congressman won't return my calls.