Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A little more about fun than food

So last week and this weekend were a little busy at work. On Friday we were serving about 2300 people a Prime Rib dinner; well really it was Prime Rib, Parmesan Crusted Tilapia or Butternut Squash Ravioli but face it most people are in it for the mammal. Of course these were served with all the appropriate side dishes. So I was at work for a little over twelve hours on Thursday getting ready, then longer on Friday. Unfortunately I drew the short straw and had to work the weekend too, I have mentioned that weekends involve getting up at 3:12 am to be on the South side of Chicago by 5:00. Add to it this was the weekend that my in-laws were coming for dinner on Saturday overall it was busy.

Ok, so everything went well on Friday at work, I left at about 8:00 pm and headed home where I pored some Vodka on Ice, gave Kris, Miss Lu and Mr. Man a kiss and went to bed. When I got to work on Saturday morning my office was in worse shape than usual. Seriously I am not a neat freak by any means but this was a bit much even for me, so I got out a shovel and rake and tried to finish taking care of the Friday mess in my office and the kitchen.
Actual picture of my office at 5:00 am on Saturday
When I got home we started planning dinner for my in-laws... understand that this is actually the fun part of the day for me. I picked up Pork Tenderloin and started marinading it then made the Risotto from my last post. It was a very good evening... well afternoon, they are on Eastern time and I was a little tired. After Christmas presents for the kids (then helping us out some too) and dinner my in laws left for Arizona. I sat on the sofa for a few minutes and quickly fell asleep at 7:00 pm.

When I got home from work on Sunday Miss Lu and Mr. Man were WIRED FOR SOUND the only thing to do was build snow creatures. We are known through the neighborhood for our snow sculpted antics...

Miss Lu during our snow painting adventures last year

anyway we made some snow creatures then came in for Hot Cocoa. Nothing complicated we had some regular Swiss Miss Cocoa with just a touch of Triple Sec and Brandy (1 oz of Brandy 1/2 oz Triple Sec 1 cup of Cocoa) Well Kris and I did, the kiddos had milk in theirs.

This winter's first snow beast


  1. Snow coloring? How awesome a parent are YOU!!!

  2. A little food coloring and water in some spray bottles from the Dollar Store. We had a great time! Our entire front yard was covered in multi colored pastel by the time we finished.