Sunday, June 14, 2009

Southwest Sausage and Eggs

It was Saturday Morning we had a busy schedule ahead of us, there we had 2 birthday parties to go to one of them we were hoasting (for our 7 year old) and because of a sudden shift in the weather we were about to shift stratigies from the outdoor trampoline and sprinkler party to the indoor space theme party!

My beautiful bride and I both knew that we weren't going to get a chance to eat from the time we left in the morning until after we picked up the last of the birthday presents at 6:30 pm or so. I wanted to have a little heartier breakfast than my usual combination of grazing and coffee. That morning I thought I would have - for lack of a beter phrase - Huevos Rancheros. Not quite, I didn't have some of the ingredients but I made due with a meal that I wasn't really planning. I had some Chorizo in the Freezer so I cooked that off and put a Corn Tortilla directly on my burner for just a couple of minutes. Once the Sausage was about done I put the tortilla on top of it and cooked it in a covered pan you can see it in the picture above. When that was almost done I cooked two eggs in clarified butter turning once. You can see above they were pretty soft and absolutly wonderful! I would have liked some beans to add to the plate, maybe next time...So there we have it a breakfast that took all of 10 minutes to make with that was hearty enough to stick with me for the next 9 hours of birthday fun.
By the way that last present I talked about was a Kitten.

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