Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Here it is my first attempt shot into the Blog world I thought I would start with more of a personal exploration of food in this blog just to keep my writing skills fresh.

Yesterday we ran a Cinco de Mayo special where I work (in on site foodservice). I was really impressed with the way my staff put it together. It brought back memories of when I was the Chef at a small Mexican Restaurant.

I would start every day by putting a case of fresh tomatoes on the Salamander, while those were roasting I would set a couple of Poblano Chilies on the burner to roast and fry a few Jalapinos. Once the Tomatoes were roasted I would remove the stems from the Peppers. Then throw the Tomaotes (burnt parts and all) with the roasted Chilis into a food processer with some fresh Garlic and blend until smooth. We called it Rojo (I know really imaginative) this became my Mother Sauce for the kitchen. Every other sause came from this the hot sauce was this more Jalapinos and Taquila. The Fried Rice was this tossed into Rice that I was sauteing "Risoto" style.

I made a home version of this sauce for Enchiladas the other day. While I was cooking out I threw the ingredients on the grill to get going. That is below:

3 Tomatoes
2 Jalapinos
1/3 of a garlic Clove

Put the tomatoes over high heat and cook until they get the black spots on the outside the same with the Jalapino. I toasted the garlic in foil for about 1/2 an hour then put all ingredients in the blender.

After I finished blending it was a little thin for my taste so I put in in a pan on the grill for anothe 1/2 hour or so.

The next day I dipped Corn Tortillas in the sauce and wrapped them around chicken and Chuahua Cheese and baked the whole mess for about 45 minutes.

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