Wednesday, May 13, 2009

05-13 09 The "Garden"

While I was shopping for the ingredients for the Mother’s Day Lunch I put together for my Mom and Lovely Bride I picked up one of those upside down tomato planters.
I thought it would be fun to grow some tomatoes then use them later. I like to grow some little things
but I am by no means a Gardener. The rest of my garden venture this year consists of a 6 foot patch of dirt by the back fence. Where we planted Sunflowers and Pumpkins along with a couple of kinds of flowers.
When my 7 year old daughter saw me put the planter in the cart she said, “Daddy you are the only one who will eat tomatoes.” Which is true in our house, I promised to make her some Red Sauce when we harvested all of the ingredients. From there I went to Home Depot to get a Tomato Seedling I looked at the different kinds of Tomatoes that are available I didn’t imagine that Home Depot would have so many to choose from. My first thought was to get something different, maybe multi-colored Heirlooms or Tigerellas because I like to be a little different. Then I thought of trying to
get a 7 year old to try Marinara made with purple and gold tomatoes and thought better of
that idea. I chose simple Plum tomatoes, they are probably the most versatile ones out there anyway. From the promised Marinara Sauce to Caprese Salad or fresh Salsa they work well.

The process of putting the planter was a little cumbersome because the plant goes in upside down to begin with then I had to put dirt into the planter so I am holding it by the wires with my left hand and scooping potting soil in with my right. As you can see above I succeeded, and have the planter hanging by my kitchen door. I plan to update everyone on this plants progress throughout the growing season so we can see how this goes from seedling to plate(s).

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