Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ahh Spring

One of the things that I love about Spring is the Fresh Vegetables that are not only available but taste good. Last week Asparagus was $1.39 per pound at the Grocery Store. I bought a few pounds at that price, I like to cook off a little extra and keep it in the refrigerator to snack on.

The Asparagus pictured here is some of that, I made Steaks that day and love asparagus with grilled Steaks. I peeled these and blanched them for about 3-4 minutes so they were still crisp them shocked them in an ice bath to keep them the bright beautiful green that they are. When it was time to serve I put it on the plate squeezed some fresh lemon juice on then garnished with some lemon zest.

Fresh Asparagus is one of my favorite Spring/Summer side dishes. This time for fun I boiled the peels and made Creamed Asparagus Sauce. I put the peels in the water that I had blanched the Asparagus in along with a little fresh garlic, salt and pepper and cooked it for about half an hour or so then I used a stick blender to puree until smooth. Even after pureeing there were solids left in the pan that needed to be strained off so I pored it through a screen sieve into a smaller pan then added milk and cooked for about an hour. This became a very smooth light cream soup. I served it chilled the next day.

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