Friday, May 22, 2009

The Gift

One of my regular customers at work took a trip to Poland last week. He brought me back a little bottle of his favorite Vodka, well an airline, bottle I think he may be a little cheap. We had a conversation a couple of weeks ago about our favorite Vodka's mine is Stolichnaya, I have always liked the taste of it, the way it feels in my mouth, the slightly earthy finish to it. It also stands on its own or in a Martini well, and isn't too expencive.

My friend brought me back Zubrowka it has a slight amber color and a blade of buffalo grass it it. I had a little sip of it neat and it was very smooth then had the rest 50/50 with Apple Juice as was suggested and wow it was good! It had just a hint of mint like a light herbal tea and a sweet vanilla finish to it. It was really refreshing. My friend keeps telling me that this mixture tastes like apple pie, I don't get that If you see this at the store give it a try and tell me what you think.

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